OTCL for Waver kernel >=1.3.14 - EXPERIMENTAL

OTCL is used for managing Waver itself, not Secure Element but main OS. So far it is possible to get Waver info, upload application and reset device (remove applications). It is the same like "cemu --info, --app and --reset" or turbo-cable variants.

Kernel version >=1.3.14 has to be used. In Secure Element there has to be installed OTCL.cap Use SE Admin to upload it.

Please post your experience - any - good/bad. Please report what phone, what OS and what reader has been used.

1. Select Setup->OTCL
2. Tap Waver on reader
3. Press Info or Upload or Reset
4. Press phone OK

- Reporting in log is not synchronous, something javascript, java or browser related.
- Error handling on web side is not yet implemented properly. Timeouts are 10 sec so if your brower seems frozen wait.
- This is EXPERIMENTAL and Work in Progress.


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