Discontinued product. See Auto Alarm, Turbo Motion 2 for new design.

Auto Alarm, Turbo Motion

Auto Alarm, Turbo Motion is a mobile phone accessory equipped with accelerometer for acceleration and tilt measurement. It is ideal for vehicle movement detection as Auto Alarm with no installation needed, nor sensors nor electric wires. If used with abandoned mobile phone it is the best price solution for vehicle movement detection, both for cars and bikes. In the simplest case it is just enough to hide the mobile phone in the car and if movement is detected warning SMS is sent to one or more phone numbers.

  • Mobile phone accessory, can be used in any SIM Toolkit enabled mobile phone
  • Auto Alarm application - movement and tilt detection with the included accelerometer
  • No installation needed, both for cars and bikes
  • 13 inputs/outputs - possibility to connect central locking, sensors, immobiliser and other alarms
  • Warning SMS on more numbers
  • Control via SMS commands
  • Easy to configure on mobile phone display
  • Best price solution for vehicle security
  • Other applications can be uploaded/removed via data cable of the mobile phone with AT commands for SMS
  • Easy firmware upgrade using multipurpose Turbo Programmer with cable reduction
Datasheet Turbo Motion, Rev. 01-04/06/30
User Manual Auto Alarm - User Guide, Rev. 02-04/07/30

On the application level Turbo Motion is compatible with Turbo SIM Toolkit Adapter but has simplified connector with only 13 digital I/O (4 of them can be used as ADC inputs) and does not have memory card.

Lite I/O Schematics, PDF. Possible schematics of galvanic isolated power I/O for Turbo Lite/Motion (Auto Alarm).
Relay Output Schematics, PDF. Two versions of single relay output - with extenaly powered relay plus optocoupler and with relay powered by the mobile phone.


Auto Alarm, Turbo Motion? Why two brands?
BLADOX is a producer of family of Turbo SIM Toolkit Adapters, for example of Turbo Adapter, Turbo Naked, Turbo Lite. Turbo Motion is a member of this product line. Auto Alarm is an application, one of the possible Turbo Motion usages. Because customers are more interested in the usage itself, we call the cunsomer product just Auto Alarm. Auto Alarm is a package including Turbo Motion, software application Auto Alarm, plastic cover for a specific mobile phone and printed user guide.

There are many versions for different mobile phones in the eshop. Are they any different?
Mainly just by the plastic cover. There may be little difference in the software application regarding time measurement (see User Guide for explanation). What is important that version for a given mobile phone works in any other mobile phone models (just the time measurement does not have to be precise).

I have a mobile phone X you do not have Auto Alarm for. What can I do?
Our production is customer based, so let us know. If you do not mind the plastic cover just get any version.
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